Bob Sheddy

Bob Sheddy

Landon has managed my insurance for 8 years (2007) and he is always easy to get ahold of. I've even texted him while he has been out on a date or out of the country and received a quick response.

His clients Always comment on his prompt service.  Landon and his team get things done quickly and efficiently.  They email me certificates and pink cards immediately.

I feel comfortable referring any of my real estate customers to Landon and have done so for years. We have mutual clients who own $50,000 rental houses all the way up to $100 Million in Retail Strip malls.   There are a number of times when he and I have been onsite helping to divert rainwater, taking photos of rooftop HVAC units, and taking photos of damaged property on behalf of our clients who were unable to attend.

In the spring of 2013 I bought a new house and in the midst of all of the things you do when you buy a new house I forwarded the offer to Landon and asked him to insure me. Without much discussion, Landon found me a great policy and unilaterally added a $30 endorsement for water damage and sewer backup extension. Not 90 days later, in June 2013 my house was surrounded with water in the big floods that hit Alberta.  Landon's insurance policy covered me for $180,000 of damages and he assisted with interpretation of the wording to ensure that our claim was processed quickly and fairly. Landon answered the phone at 6:00 am Saturday morning as the water was cresting around my house and helped me understand my policy and made calls to have the insurance adjuster meet me a few blocks away to discuss the next steps. 


Insurance is a valuable tool and I am so thankful to have Landon on my team. 


Bob Sheddy

Broker / Principal  

Century 21 Power Realty Ltd.